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Happy Hours

Monday to Friday from 2:00pm to 6:30pm $1 off all pints and flights

700 North LBJ Drive Suite 111 San Marcos, TX 78666



Our story

Deep in the heart of Texas, where the wildflowers bloom, Talbot Growley clawed the earth and clenched his teeth. One button on his white collared shirt came un-done. A second one: un-done. His wife pressed this shirt that very morning, giving him a kiss on his way out the door and wishing him good luck for his big meeting as the kids laughed and played in circles around them. Now, in the woods far off beyond town, a third and fourth button comes undone. His suit jacket rips. The suit… newly bought and tailored to seal the deal of a lifetime. Just hours ago he shook hands with the most prestigious and upstanding citizens of his town. Now, in the glow of the full moon, he lets it all out. He is howling. He is beautiful.

He moves with a speed that he never before possessed. He is searching. Searching for what? He doesn’t know. He has an unbelievable thirst like nothing he has ever experienced before. His mouth is frothing. He is growling. He needs something desperately and he finally comes across it. In front of him, in the nearby town of San Marcos, he sees a storefront. He opens the door. He enters. There is no one there. It’s just him but he sees, smells and breathes everything that he needs. Malt is in the air. The aroma of hops beckons.

He reaches for a growler, opens it and gulps the sweet nectar down. He goes for a second growler, a third one, a fourth one, and on and on and on. He’s still growling. He needs more. He sees a door. He rips it open. It’s cold. This is what he needs. He rips the keg with his claws and opens his mouth to inhale and imbibe the precious brew. When he is done, when he is satiated, he howls into the moon. He is where he needs to be. This is his place. This is his home. There is nowhere else for him but The Growling…

Texas Craft Beers

​Our all Texas beer lineup is available to drink at the bar, or purchase growlers, cans or bombers to go.

The Growling areal view.

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